Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cure Summer Boredom with these fun activities

Now that the summer is here the days are getting hotter and we want fun fun fun. Well at least out of the heat or if you can stand the heat. Why now give these a try, I love most of them and I still need to try a few.


1. If you you love the water why not give Surfing a try or get a little boogie board, all the fun  you will have with friends or family.

2. Now this will be fun, I mean how hard is it to get a small ball in a small hole. Golfing give it a try.

3. Take your favorite book out and Journal your day, where you go, when, what you see, so on.

4. Find a Park and have with friends and family a fun pic nick with games to play.

5. Create a beautiful Garden in your back yard or front yard, unless you have a place with no yard make a small one in your corner.

6. Make Crafts, now we all love to craft ok some. get your favorite paints or pencils or visit a craft store.

7. Take a Camera with you on your day trips and snap them photos and make a fun photo scrap book or movie.

8. Hiking take your water a friend and walk them trails, for those who can bare the heat, all the beautiful scenery you can see.

9. Have a Pool or not have a back yard party, BBQ, games, food yummm.

10. Play fun Board Games with family or friends make it fun.

11. Visit your Movie Theater the nice cool air and food.


1.Visit a Fair I love to go to them at night they are way funner, and eating the cotton candy an the foods, games.

2. Walk on the Beach Sand, have a bon fire and look and listen to the beautiful waves.

3. Night Swimming now this is a cool off for you to try. if you don't have a pool get a small blow up one.

4. Night Drives they are my favorite, the cool air and the night stars, very relaxing, with soft music.

5. Star Gaze and look at all them beautiful stars, whip out your telescope if you have one, go to your favorite hill and take a chair and friend and look at the night sky, never know what you might see.

There are so many I am sure you can think of them and add them to the list or make your own and keep for next year and keep adding fun stuff to do or try that way you'll never be bored.

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