Monday, July 13, 2015

My Ulta Purchase

Yesterday was my birthday but it did suck kind of when I went to Ulta they ran out of Urban Decay samples, nooooooo, oh well I still love the store and if I could yes I would live there, hehhe here is What I bought on this trip  , new Items to try.

I never tried an Ulta brand so I wanted to try it this time, and I liked how it went on very smooth and the scent is very soft, as well as leaving your face soft, this morning before washing  my wash it was still soft, I see no redness it always comes out fast on my face but nothing,  liking  it so far:) 

It is  named Ulta Ultimate Clean Foaming Face Wash Protected Skincare  (thumbs up) $9.00 reg with card $ 7.65

I also purchased this product yet to try it on my next wash and give it a proper review then. Name Not Your Mothers, Kinky Moves Leave in Conditioner Intense moisturizing for all curl types  Anti-Frizz Curl Retention. $5.00 as is
And I got this one free sample for my Birthday never tried it before but I do love the brand products from Redken, 5 t h avenue NYC, extreme length primer it is a rinse off treatment foe distress hair.  This was not free looking at  my recite it was 1 cent  

This is what is going on if the future months at Ulta :)

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