Sunday, July 26, 2015

MY Wish List 2 of Pin Up Accessories

Every women dream to own a vintage looking accessory am I right or na. I love the look, style, and how people look at you different. It's all wonderful, I yet went looking into one of my favorite places and seen what I wish to have one day:)   There are so many to look at, I just posted my favs I want to get one day this summer.  Was not asked to do this.

Here are a few from Unique Vintage I loved going there when I lived close by:)

Pop Art Graphic Magazine Clutch
How cute and fun is this one.
Retro Style Royal Blue Vinyl Super Floozy Kiss Lock Purse
Pink & White Bow Patent Super Floozy Coin Purse, I'm always looking for a cute coin purse
Another favorite store is Babygirl Boutique 

A cute bottom suite to go swimming
Roma Black White Pinup Style High-Waisted Banded Shorts
I love these, I say these are fun and cute to wear for the summer, now I would wear these.
1950's Style Pink Costume Cat Eye Glasses with Rhinestone Accents
Yet another favorite shop Pinup Girl Clothing

Here is a cute Flamingo Purse, ok this will be perfect with my white or blue skirt. 
Rose Hair Accessory, I always love to wear flowers in my hair, even in the winter.
Blue Hair Scarf this is real good for the convertible driving or a windy day and you don't want that vintage look to get all over the place.

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