Friday, August 21, 2015

Day Walk to the Library

I found it to be a beautiful day for a walk threw the park and off to the library. Every time I get the urge to write my stories. I visit the library and read, read, read, It helps you get more of great idea's for your own story.

On the way I took a couple of photo's seeing how it was a beautiful day a little muggy but it happens in summer.

These are beautiful blooms Shrub, not sure of the name, there blooms were so pretty, specially with all the butterfly's fluttering around.

The park was quiet today as it was in the morning so there were not that many people running around, so I snapped the park.

Ok how many have seen this around, yes it was at the library and it still works :) I was amazed when I first saw it, This is our Cell Phone LOL...back in the days when cell phones were yet not heard of..

A beautiful day it was for a long walk to the library.

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