Friday, August 28, 2015

Fiesta VoxBox Unboxing From Inluenster

I have been sent these wonderful products from Influenster as testing products. Sorry for the video but this was a strange editor I used the trial and I couldn't get the water mark off,, time I will use my camera and make it shorter. Oh and my nails are not done either,,geez..:)

These are great products that I have been sent, and thank you Influenster.

Suave Smoothing softens rough dry skin $ 2.29  ( 10 oz. bottle)
Has a unique silky smooth and I like to use this daily specially out of the shower it makes your skin very soft and the roughness does go away for me.
No 7 Beautiful skin normal/oily skin $ 14.99
I used No 7 products off and on and love them all, this is a good one for my skin, it goes on smooth and not greasy, I hate when I get a cream and it leaves your face greasy, yuk
Premier Protein 30g bar $1.99 Fiber bar $1.69
This was very good, it helps when you don't have time to eat right away and your doing errand this is the best to take instead of sweets.
NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer $ 2.99 SRP
I don't use bronzers so this will be a first to see how it goes? It is a pretty color I just hope it is not to dark for my skin, being light skin

Not your Mother's Beach Babe $ 2.00 travel size  Shampoo/Conditioner
Ok I love the first product I bought for frizz and it leaves your hair curly, yes  that other products sticks to it's name. I still have to try this one and give a review.

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