Monday, August 3, 2015

My Midori Update My Own Planner

I love how my Midori Traveler Notebook is so handy for all the writing that I do day and night, I was thinking of getting a daily planner but I realized if I organized right I can turn my book into a planner the way I like it. Here is how I have mine set up, I did get this last year for my birthday:)

I was given the black leather one and I love it, I have my own little charms of my initial and skull and lipstick too cute.

The opening of my book

This is my extra insert book to keep my stickers, ruler, money or cards, etc.
The first book is a brown one that I am using for appointments the market to get the foods I want, and also products that I need for me as well as clothes and such.
The next book I have I use for my writing prompts anything to do with writing, and I added the children s stories that I have wrote, and will add other genres.

The next book I use for doodling and trying my hand at drawing, she was inspired by suzibluart , her work is so amazing.

The last book is my journal and I love my Midori goes with me almost everywhere.

The back of the book

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