Friday, September 4, 2015

Strange Noise Again

Ok this has to be the second time last night at 1:40 am - 2:45 am had the loudest noise, there was no construction and it was blasting sounds that I tried to figure out,  The sound was like we were being invaded by hundred's of planes. this has happen before and I swear you can hear people talking from it.

All week long we had the dead silence cold nothing was making noise not even the crickets and there were no cars, and all of a sudden the noise came back, not sure if anyone else heard it but it was just plain odd, what is it?

And we did have a small shaker but I did not feel that one, it was too small I guess (haha)

I have not seen anything else strange walk the streets, but I do notice a car that stops in the middle of the street and then takes off, not sure what his deal is. I tell you this has to be the weirdest block that I am in....

Oh and at times in the am as you can tell I don't sleep (lol) but I do see kids riding skateboards at 3 am, what the hell are they doing out at 3 am on a school night? With my luck they might not even be kids with this wackiness going on.

This would make for a great short story (haha) I will see what takes place tonight and if anything happens I shall blog it, I am waiting for the lights to come back no luck yet, maybe they spotted me, this is a good time to get me some  binoculars or a telescope. :)  

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