Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Night Chat

The rain has finally fallen this afternoon oh how I like the rain when I am home and not on the road. I was looking at my neighbor this afternoon and they are very mysterious I swear the  Burbs here in the block (haha)  We had the pest control guy here today and he kind of reminded me of my old neighbor that is freaky.

I sometimes wonder who is living in my old place and if they like it. I loved it, it was quiet and no nuts running around, although it was in the bad part of the town I still felt comfy there:)  The neighbors were cool. Do you ever wonder as I who lives in your old place and what they are like? or is it me?

We had strange noises at night again it is like they are working on the street but there is no one out, I wonder what or where it is coming from. The lights in the sky due to the rain I can't see them but they were there the other night floating around again, I wish I had my car to see what it is and where it is at. I'm so nosy I will one day see something I don't want to :) 

Have you ever had the fan on and no one home and nothing on and you hear people talking or music? I wonder if it is just me (lol)  I'm going to start a chat podcast soon and see how that goes, I am going to chat about strange things and random stuff. Should be interesting with me living in the triangle. Oh and to top it off we  do  have a man hole in front of our home every night in the A.M. I always look out and see if I see anything come out of it or steam...

Maybe I'm the strange one, but I like it (laughs)

Oh I have to tell you that the other night yes 3 am I was looking out on the side window this time and I saw this big cat jump right on the neighbors roof and it was a big sucker I have not seen one that big only on tv, not sure where this one came from but I knocked at the window and it just looked at me and jumped right off the roof. For a minute I thought it was a bob cat but no it was a house cat or a creepy animal looking like a cat, oh great now I can't be able to sleep (laughs) Till tomorrow night.

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