Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday Night Chat

The day was a good one nice and warm not to cold not to hot just right. I didn't do much in the day but catch up on making a new color wheel thank goodness for youtube.

water color wheel was fun, it is amazing what other colors you can make from only 3 primary ones:)

The Acrylic are much funner as well more deep colors;

getting back into my water color painting and add new painting prints to my shop in a few weeks.  

Well last night around 3am I had to get a drink of water and it was a quiet night, I looked out the window and went to sit down and just then that loud sound came upon me again, this time the dogs started barking and a few neighbors went outside, the best way I can describe this sound if you had a big leaf blower and put it right out your window.

   It took about 30 minutes for the noise to stop and go quiet again. I tell you something is going on out there just not sure what. Then I was watching you tube about Bigfoot and wonder is there really a monster like that running around? All the accounts people testify to and then thier are others that say no, I wonder sometimes

I did hear that we have what people are calling werewolves here, really if it isn't the lizard people in the sewer now we have werewolves..I love to read about towns that dissapear in front of people, I will find a few cool articles and post them tomorrow night..oh and a few others that are strange.

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