Friday, November 27, 2015

Creamy Macaroni And Cheese with Herb Crust Recipe

Oh my I tried this Recipe from Rebecca Brand this week and I have to say it came out great, very creamy and you can taste the herbs as well. Perfect for a family dinner or lunch.

First I did boil macaroni till tender

I also have my ingredients ready to go

After I boiled and drained the macaroni I placed it back and added all Butter the Mozzarella,and Basil, and Heavy Wipping Cream mix it all well. When you have done that you need to place it in a baking pan 

Now I add to the baking pan

I also made the topping with melted butter and bread crumbs

This is how it came out after I added all together in the baking pan, very good

I didn't add anything else to it, I like it just how it came out:) Now this is a easy dinner or lunch to make for your family, I did this and the two pans was plenty for daily left overs:)

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