Tuesday, March 15, 2016

5 Items That I got on Sale at Rite Aid

I went into Right Aid today and my eyeballs focused on SALE. I went right to the sale just like a radar. I seen the Wet N Wild has a sale 50% of regular price. I picked these 3 from that rack. I picked the other 2 from Hair and Nail section.

Items all together.
WNW Ult SPF15 FND in 855A Beige Reg $4.99 - Sale $2.99 Discount 2.00-

WNW Mega Conc LT Med Reg$1.99 Sale $ 1.19 Discount 0.80-
WNW ML NE Good Book 214C Megalast Nail Polish Red Reg $ 1.99 Sale $1.19 Discount 0.80-

CLRSilk 33 Soft Brown Reg $4.79 Sale $ 3.99 Discount 0.80-
RNWL Applicator FLCKD Reg $ 1.99 Sale $ 1.19 Discount 0.80-

I really like what I found for a fast run into the store. If your looking for a good deal you need to take a trip to Rite Aid, not sure if all Rite Aids have the same sale.

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