Tuesday, May 3, 2016

13 Blogging Applications For You To Try

I have to tell you I have another book that I got at the library " Blogging All-In-One for Dummies" Now don't let the title fool you and say I know what I'm doing I don't need this book  like I did when I always seen it (laughs)

So the librarian told me she had only one book on blogging and I didn't know it was this one so I said Ok,  when she returned she had Blogging for Dummies. I though to myself  'Oh Great' the book I never wanted to read.

Well let me tell you I am still going over all the chapters and it  has so much information that some of the information I see on bloggers site for learning blogging is not there but in this book. I guess the saying is true Never Judge a Book by It's cover.

Author: Susan Gunelius, Author of Google Blogger For Dummies

If you would like great information on blogging this is the book, unless there is one I have missed please let me know. If more good information comes my way I will share it:) Happy Blogging

Blogging Applications:

1. www.wordpress.com

2. www.wordpress.org

3. www.blogger.com

4. www.typepad.com

5. www.movabletype.com

6. http://b2evolution.net

7. www.xanga.com

8. http://expressionengine.com

9. www.livejournal.com

10. www.myspace.com

11. www.vox.com

12. http;//drupal.org

13. www.joomla.org

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