Monday, May 9, 2016

13 Abbreviations For Cooking (Recipes) Book Review

I know that there may be a few out there new to cooking and don’t quit get the whole recipe language so I thought to write them down for you and make your cooking and baking more easier to get to.

Never have too much or too little to your recipes

Practice makes perfect when it comes to cooking. Don’t wait till your hosting a dinner party to try a new dish. Fix a number of times before hand so that you can tweek it to your satisfaction and so that you know how to time everything perfectly.

This is a great tip I got out of another book called Chick Living frugal and fabulous, by Kris Koederitz Melcher

I really like to check these books out at the library they have great info on budgeting, living alone and so many more great tips.

In back of book find out what should be, 

Under your kitchen sink 
In your bedroom closet
On your dining room table
In your bank account

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