Thursday, May 19, 2016

Older and Wiser We Get (GROW)

Five Minute Friday (GROW)

OOPS Thursday OK I joined today but it was closing in a few:) Here's what I am going to share in 5 minutes.


I'm looking out the window to a gloomy yet warm day here in the West Coast dreading the coming heat. I notice that in the years passed I have grown to know more about myself. The habits I had in the past no longer with me, and where did they go?

I shoved them out the door and took the Adult status Oh My! this was a bit step. No more childless games and you know that when you toss all this out you are mature and more responsible on your decisions.

I never liked to listen to the elders in my family always telling me what is best for me, but you know when I got OLDER I know look back and understand what they were saying, I see young kids today and say if they only knew now they wouldn't be doing that.

I say many lessons learned down the road as I grew and still learning new ones:)


I'm linking with Kate Motaung with her linking party Five Minute
Friday, Word is ---- GROW

Five Minute Friday

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