Tuesday, July 19, 2016

4 Items I Purchased at Joann's & Michaels

Today was a fun and lucky day, I need material to start making my projects to add to my Etsy Shop, and Joann's is having a great sale. I found a few items that I am liking very much, so if you thinking of what to do check out Joann's even on line are sales.

Here are two materials that I saw and thought cute and perfect for pillow cases I am going to make for my shop.  The material was $9.99 sale $6.99 each. I used a Joann's Coupon that is on our phone.

The second Item I was looking for some cute paper that I can use in my paper craft projects, this one is The Girlhood Stack, 180 sheets of very cute sheets just perfect. $14.99 - Sale $10.99 I also bought a fun vintage bag for $1.59

I couldn't help myself and drove across the street to Michael's and purchased these for my art crafts:) with coupons, I love to use coupons

The first Item I seen was a Artist Loft Canvas Sketch Book, this is cool on the front cover you can paint, watercolor, colored pencils, etc can't wait to use it. the other items is Artist Loft Water color pencils 24 PC, in the $1.00 section I got Studio G Adhesive Foam Dots, Cherry Craft Smart Ribbon I will price the others, left my recite in my brothers car..

Oh I also went to a School Supply Store that we have near by and bought Composition Book$1.29 and a Snazzy Pink Polka Dots Tape, this has to be a cool place, if you have a School Supply store stop and check it out...

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