Tuesday, August 16, 2016

DIY Simple Bottle & Flowers Display

DIY Bottles N Flowers Display

Oh! My goodness never toss them old fashion looking bottles away there are so many cute Ideas you can use them as. My brother brought me a old fashion looking rootbeer from Orchards and I saved it after I drank it.

I went to Dollar Tree and picked a few pretty flowers and the roses are paper that I got at Santa Clarita Swap Meet, you can find the coolest items there, I need to go back:) I hope you like this simple 2 step craft.

If someone else already did it cool I am a late bloomer.  lol

You'll need flowers of your taste, I chose these.

then I displayed in on my mantel in my room:)

If you have any fun DIY's  please share with us;)


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